Sunday, May 01, 2005

So What's Their Plan?

Why does it seem that each time an out-of-state congressman writes a piece for the Daily, it's all liberal FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)? Wasn't the last occurrence when Sen. Harkin wrote that ridiculous piece of draft fearmongering shortly before the election?

Here's my response to a "Republicans will kill Social Security piece" that the Daily printed today from Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D, obviously - Wisconsin) .

Rep. Tammy Baldwin made a good point that everyone needs to get involved in the fixing of Social Security. However, her claim that the "two wars" we're financing (Afghanistan must be the second one, although no one talks about it anymore due to its success) are affecting the solvency of Social Security is way off. I'm going to set this next sentence apart so it's easier to read:

Social Security's problem is that it will be paying out more money than it will be taking in.

That's right, it's not because of Iraq or Afghanistan. Social Security's problem is its own success. More people are retiring than there are workers to support them.

Baldwin said, "Social Security can be fixed without drastic benefit cuts and without creating huge deficits if Republicans drop their preoccupation with private accounts and join with Democrats to forge a bipartisan solution." However, if you read her entire article carefully, you'll notice one glaring omission: the Democrats' plan. Democrats want Republicans to drop their ideas and form a "bipartisan solution," but in order for something to be bipartisan, you'd need two parts. The Democrats have no plan other than obstructing Republican progress.